A Virtual Visit to Rural Nigeria

About The Gala

This year's event will be a virtual trip to Nigeria, via Zoom - featuring Nigerian cuisine, traditional cultural performances, exclusive giveaways and more! 

We will be providing an intimate glimpse into the lives of the children we serve and will feature a virtual tour of Divine Providence Home and Colmcille Memorial Academy, as well as a brief introduction to their leaders. We will walk you through one of Nigeria's vibrant outdoor markets and quickly demonstrate the preparation of a traditional Nigerian meal, guided by a caretaker and cook of the children of Divine Providence Home.

How Are Proceeds Used?

  • Proceeds from our gala will directly benefit the children of Divine Providence Home (DPH) and Colmcille Memorial Academy. These child-centered organization's rely solely on the support of the Okaja Foundation to remain open. We support them by providing the following: 

  •  Food 

  • -Clothing

  • Healthcare

  • Salaries for Caretakers and Faculty

  •  Repairs to the Property 

  • - Education up to the College Level

  • - Any Additional Financial Support that is Needed

For more information, please visit our "Organizations We Serve" page.


The Okaja Foundation's 2nd Annual Gala

Benefitting the Children of Divine Providence Home and Colmcille Memorial Academy

A Special Thanks to our Event Sponsors for Supporting the Children We Serve!

Garden Market

Camillus Health Concern

Gala Giveaways 

With the purchase of a gala ticket, each ticket-holder is automatically entered into our giveaway for a chance to win exclusive Nigerian-made art, fashion and religious artifacts. Winners of the giveaway will be randomly selected/announced throughout our 60-minute gala via Zoom's chat function. If you are selected as a winner, you communicate your prize of choice and your item will be delivered to you!

Prizes are listed below: