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About our Organization

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The Okaja Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization based in Santa Paula, CA, founded by Muji Kaiser in loving memory of her mother, Maggie Okaja Mbu-Abang. It is our mission to provide critical support to organizations serving orphaned children and children experiencing poverty through the distribution of grants and disbursement of in-kind donations. 


In 2017, Muji received a call from her aunt, Reverend Sister Mary Rita Abang, HHCJ, founder and Director of Divine Providence Home, a Catholic orphanage in Muji's home country of Nigeria. Sister Rita explained that the orphanage was in danger of closing due to lack of funds, with many children already relying on them for shelter. Providentially, Muji was able to draw upon her years of experience in the non-profit sector, working under CEOs of various charitable organizations to establish the Okaja Foundation, with the primary goal of keeping the doors of the home open. 


Donations made to our foundation have kept Divine Providence Home operational, allowing them to be a refuge for the area’s orphaned, abandoned and vulnerable children. We have also funded several major projects at DPH, such as the installation of solar-panels to remedy the persistent problem of power-outages throughout the village of Ogoja, the construction of a solar-powered well to give the children access to clean water, the construction of a large kitchen and storage building and the purchasing of a bus to transport the children and sisters, to name only a few.


Our organization also provides in-kind aid to Catholic Maternity Hospital, a clinic located directly adjacent to Divine Providence Home, where many of the children at the orphanage were born.

It is an honor and privilege to provide support to these Catholic institutions in caring for society’s most vulnerable. We hope that you will join us in supporting these life-saving ministries by making a donation. God bless you. 

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