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Catholic Maternity Hospital 



When Catholic Maternity Hospital was founded in 1946, the hospital’s primary purpose was to provide medical care to victims of leprosy, tuberculosis, and other related diseases. Among several of these patients were their pregnant wives, expectant mothers who required immediate attention. Therefore, the Medical Missionaries of Mary (MMM) sisters established a maternity unit, which grew to become Catholic Maternity Hospital.

Who They Serve


In addition to services for pregnant women, Catholic Maternity Hospital provides secondary medical services to adult, pediatric, & HIV patients. The area’s impoverished are often turned away by other hospitals when ill, due to their inability to pay. ​Thankfully, CMA offers medical services for free or for very little cost, because everyone deserves access to proper healthcare.

How We Support Them


The Okaja Foundation supports Catholic Maternity Hospital through the provision of in-kind donations such as clothing, diapers, and other postpartum care items. Supplies one would think of as easily attainable, such as a bottle or fever medication, are difficult for their patients to afford. Thankfully, these items are made available by donations made to our foundation. Sustaining this charity proves to be a challenge for the facility as the need of vulnerable women and children overwhelms the limited supply at their disposal.

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